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Hi everybody welcome to my homepage! My name is Jerry Jacombi. I'm from South Bend Indiana and work for Noro's factory.I have worked for Noro's factory for the past three years after I graduated from Yale in 3022. I was a lab rat in high school, so basically you could say I'm a coding nerd. The government sought me out to work for them because they thought I was smart or something huh?!?! Neverthless, I post on this page as a past time while on the job.

Here is a photo of me working in the lab above! I have loved working for Noro's because I get to genefitically modify different types of food all day. Also, I get to decide how much food the government needs for society based off the internet. In case you don't understand why I do what I do, it's cause the majority of crops were wiped out due the mass polution we have.

The world became really unhappy with all the pollution and then all of a sudden there was none of the stuff pictured below to feed society.


It's kinda funny though that this is my job, cause for a long time America was so against genetically modified organisms. Which like I completely understand why they were, but at the same time they legit saved our country.It's comical to me how this photo used to show up on my screen all the time before.

People think this is what my job looks like, I wish it was that fun.Instead I spend a lot more of my time calculating doses of certain chemicals and how much of each should go into genetically modified food. I used to enjoy my job a lot more, but recently I don't feel as much of a thrill when working. It's a lot more stressful than it used to be.Below I have posted a feedback form on any suggestions of new types of food people want to see, so that I can get to work. Also please feel free to suggest any new types of jobs that might be fun for me, rather than working in a lab but I enjoy science and coding and all the jazz.Peace n Love -Jerri

In case you wanna check out some other cool websites my friends make in their free time here is a link! Neocities.

Feedback Form

Feedback Form